4473 On Line

WA ARMS is a subscriber to the AIMI system which allows you to fill out your form 4473 ahead of time!!

Please follow the directions below:

1: Go to www.aimiebook.net

2:. Click Login then Choose the Sign Up prompt if you have never used 4473 Online.  If you have used Aimee before, then LOGIN if you have used this before

3: Choose the “Aimiebook Member” option

4: Create an account with all the required information.

5:  Click the Online EKiosk button

6:  Check the zip code button then enter 02370

7:  Select WA ARMS

You will fill in your 4473 process with audio prompts.  Click the instruction button for text prompts.

DO NOT ENTER ANYTHING IN THE UPIN BOX. This is NOT your MA PIN Number.  Please bring your LTC and MA PIN with you.


Thank you for your business!!